Various Types Of Jewelry Maintenance Knowledge

Various Types Of Jewelry Maintenance Knowledge

Beloved jewelry to wear a few days because of carelessness and wear out traces, or take out the collection of long-standing jewelry want to match the modeling, but found that the jewelry discoloration oxidation, do not just feel sorry for, hurry to understand how to maintain them, so that your collection to regain the former glory, everlasting and new.
Crystal jewelry maintenance tips
1. Avoid contact with cosmetics, hairspray and perfume.
2. Do not wear them while bathing, sleeping or exercising.
Cleaning and Maintenance
1. After wearing, use a soft dry cloth to clean it gently, do not immerse it in water to avoid leaving water stains that cannot be removed, and do not clean it with alcohol or cleansers containing ammonia.
2. It should be kept in a cool and dry place, and stored separately from other jewelry.

Gold jewelry maintenance tips
1. Avoid direct contact with highly volatile chemicals such as mercury, perfume, hairspray, detergents and nail polish.
2. Avoid contact with sweat and make-up products.
3. Avoid swimming in swimming pools while wearing them.
4. Avoid wearing or placing them together with other metals. 5.
5. Do not wear when doing sports or heavy work.
Cleaning and Maintenance
1. For gold jewelry that has been worn or has lost its luster, in addition to using neutral detergent or special maintenance solution to clean it, it can also be cleaned with mild soap and a soft-bristled brush, and then wiped with a flannel cloth.
2. Never use cleaning agents containing abrasives, such as toothpaste, to clean gold jewelry. 3.
3. Gold jewelry should be put on only after the completion of grooming, and should be taken off first when changing clothes and removing makeup.
Silver Jewelry Maintenance Tips
1. Avoid frequent contact with chemicals such as perfume, cosmetics or acidic solvents.
2. Do not wear it when bathing in hot springs or swimming.
Cleaning and Maintenance
1. After wearing on weekdays, wipe it with a cotton cloth and store it in an air-isolated container to avoid oxidization caused by moisture. 2.
2. If oxidized black, you can creamy silver oil, liquid silver wash and silver powder containing silver cloth to deal with the silver, silver wash is the most effective of the three, but because of corrosive, it is recommended not to use frequently.

Diamond jewelry maintenance tips
1. Be careful to damage the metal claws of the setting.
2. Do not wear it when cooking or cleaning. 3.
3. should not be worn when doing sports or rough work, in order to avoid the texture of the texture by the heavy impact will still be broken; also stored and worn separately from other jewelry, in order to avoid scratching each other.
4. Diamond jewelry that is often worn should pay attention to whether the claw setting is loose.
Cleaning and Maintenance
1. Diamond jewelry should be cleaned once a week, with commercially available jewelry cleaner, or neutral cleaner mixed with lukewarm water, immersed in the jewelry, and then gently brushed with a soft brush, and then rinsed with water, and then wiped dry with a soft cloth.
2. Wax-free dental floss and toothpicks can be used to clean the dirt between the diamond and the claw.
3. If the diamond is too thick with oil stains, it is best to send it back to the original purchasing store for cleaning with professional instruments.
4. A creative and unquestionable remedy for cleaning diamonds is to soak them in vodka.

Pearl care tips
1. Avoid contact with alkaline substances such as detergents and bleach, as well as acidic substances such as sweat, perfume, hairspray and cosmetics to avoid erosion or discoloration.
2. Avoid wearing pearls for cooking or bathing, as pearls have pores that will absorb impurities from steam.
3. Keep away from heat and flame.
Cleaning and Maintenance
1. After wearing, you can wipe with a damp cloth, dry it in the shade and then collect it, never use general jewelry cleaner or wash it with water directly, and do not use a brush.
2. Pearls and other jewelry should be separated from the collection, if not often worn, it is best to take out every month to let the pearl "breathing" a. 3.
3. For pearls that are often worn, it is best to change the thread once every three to five years to avoid the pearls falling off due to broken threads.

Tips for Maintaining Colored Gemstones
1. Try not to wear gemstones when doing heavy work. 2.
2. Check once a month to see if the gemstone is loose from its metal base.
1. Clean your gemstone with lukewarm water or mild soapy water. Lighter colored gemstones should be cleaned from time to time in order to maintain their clarity and transparency.
2. Some gemstones are fragile and should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner or at high temperatures. If you are unsure, ask the store where you purchased the stone.
3. Because of the different hardnesses of various gemstones, they should be stored separately.

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