The Best Introduction to Hiphop Culture Ever (II)

The Best Introduction to Hiphop Culture Ever (II)

Kool Herc, Founder of Hip Hop Culture
Kool Herc, a Jamaican immigrant from the ghetto, is a DJ who often holds "music parties" at his home, playing jazz, R&B, and funk music. As Herc's music was closer to the real life of the people in the ghetto, it was well received by the local residents and his parties became more and more popular. So he decided to take his parties outdoors to get more people involved. He created a unique method of using two turntables to play the same breaks over and over again to keep the party atmosphere at a high point. Kool Herc's work attracted the attention of another DJ, Grandmaster Flash, who began to study music playback technology, innovating techniques such as disc rubbing and fast mixing, adding joysticks and slide converters, making DJing a highly technical profession. The addition of joysticks, even-slip converters and other devices turned DJing into a highly technical profession. As DJs became more and more complex and had no time to communicate with the audience, MCs were created who specialized in livening up the atmosphere.

At a party, Kool Herc found a few young men who danced in a special way, always waiting for the music break to start, a series of dazzling, acrobatic footwork, and then suddenly freeze at the end of the break, which Kool Herc marveled at and called the young men break boys, later referred to as B-boys. This is also the origin of street dance, this part of the introduction is too long, this article focuses on this branch of MC.

The party culture formed the prototype of Hiphop, and it was as if the teenagers had found a new world and were addicted to Hiphop. The government found that the percentage of black youths in the Bronx who were addicted to hiphop who participated in fights, drugs, and theft was much lower than those who were not addicted to hiphop, so it supported the development of hiphop, and in this way, the hiphop culture gradually developed.
The Godfather of Hiphop

Among the many gangs in the Bronx, there is this refreshingly unassuming gang leader (known as chief in the US). The gang he leads is the largest gang in the borough, the Spades. He was a very visionary man who saw the form and responded to the government to help steer the youth of the city away from gang violence. As a gang leader who made such a move instead of thinking about growing his gang, I couldn't figure it out.

But in the end he proved to be a great man and laid the groundwork for the birth of hip hop culture, in 1973 he founded the Zulu Nation in hopes of channeling young people's anger and stress away from gang violence and into music and dance, one of the members of the Zulu Nation, Love Bug Starski, invented the term "Hip Hop". Love Bug Starski, a member of Zulu Nation, coined the term "hiphop" and named his party after it. The organization has released the 15 Principles of Faith as well as the Hiphop Declaration of Peace.

He is the Godfather of Great Hip Hop - AfrikaBambaataa.
And in 1977, together with the famous DJ Kool Herk, he organized various big block parties. Soon, the music and dancing of such street parties spread throughout New York through the many immigrant communities. The jumble of DJs, MCs, songwriters, rappers, graffiti, breakdancers, and knowledge of the fifth element of hip-hop, among other things, were brought together into a cultural movement collectively known as hip-hop (hip hop).

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