The Best Introduction to Hiphop Culture Ever (I)

The Best Introduction to Hiphop Culture Ever (I)

That said, in recent years, because of the broadcast of a variety show, the culture of hip-hop has really made a new height in our country. Nowadays, everywhere you look, there are hip-hop elements. Everywhere you go, you can hear hip-hop culture being talked about, and as a fan of hip-hop culture, this phenomenon is of course a joy to see. After all, who doesn't want their favorite culture to get more attention? So adhering to the principle of spreading hiphop culture, we will work together with the full bottom of hiphop culture, tracing back to the origin of the culture, to see how the real hiphop culture all the way to the front of us.

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Since we choose to talk about HIPHOP culture, we will reject all the false and empty, put an end to all the hotness on the market, hanging sheep's head to sell dog meat, picking and choosing, etc., and strive to restore a real path of cultural development for you. This article has more content, reading time of about ten minutes, I hope you read in the spirit of the love of hip-hop culture, you will have a full understanding of hip-hop according to the beginning.

(Amount! If you do have too many words, please just skip it and turn to the end, there is a summary directly, no thanks.)

I don't think anyone will ever say you don't know hiphop again, and if you ever meet a Hater who is in the middle of a gun fight, all you have to do is recite a silent "shit" and forward this article to him to turn around and walk away.
The Germination of Hip Hop Culture
Talking about Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop), the first thing that comes to mind is Hip-Hop music, or Hip-Hop programs such as Hip-Hop, do you ever know that Hip-Hop also has its own unique culture? Hip-hop is a street culture and a way of life, not just a style of music. Hip-hop in the broader sense refers to the entire hip-hop culture, while hip-hop in the narrower sense refers to a style of music. In the narrow sense, Hip-Hop and Rap music are basically synonymous, and the term Hip-Hop is made up of two separate black slang terms: "Hip" meaning "ass" as early as 1898; and "Hop" meaning "ass" as early as 1898. "Hop" means "jumping movement".

About the origin of HIPHOP, there are many sayings, but most of them do not deviate from the main line.

In 1973, it originated in the Bronx, New York City, which was the most famous ghetto in the United States at that time. Why the Bronx fell into the famous ghetto started with the industrialization wave and the two world wars, when black Americans continued to travel from the rural south to the northern cities in search of economic opportunities. By 1970, more than 80 percent of black Americans had become city dwellers. Due to racial discrimination, the arrival of a large black population prompted the white middle class to move to the suburbs, creating a de facto residential segregation between the two. The out-migration of whites led directly to the transfer of high-quality educational resources and industry and commerce to the suburbs, while the quality of teaching in the urban centers where blacks gathered deteriorated, and the rates of school failure, poverty and crime soared, a typical black ghetto was born, which is the historical background that gave birth to the culture of HIPHOP. (Of course, this is a description you won't see in any other article)

In such an area full of crime, drugs, gang fights, people can not find jobs, and there is not enough money to study, black teenagers have nothing to do all day long, the most entertainment is singing and dancing, playing street basketball and so on. Due to the unique musical talent and physical flexibility of the black people, their unique form of singing and dancing has been formed. Their main activity is to carry the old-fashioned big tape recorder to their entertainment venues for recreation and entertainment, no money to buy clothes, only to wear their parents, more than one size larger than their body clothes, and so the formation of their unique clothing culture.

In fact, the four main elements of hip-hop culture as it is known today all have their roots in street gang warfare:

Graffiti was first used to show their right to occupy a rival's territory.

Street dance (break dancing) is the gangs in the "martial arts" before the "dance fight" to build momentum; dance fight requires a strong sense of rhythmic background music, so the DJ (Disc jocky) live beat is essential.

MC/rap was a way of expressing one's position and attacking one's opponents with songs. Of course, at the time they didn't understand the idea of hip-hop at all, and it was all a way for them to express themselves to their heart's content, but that's all for later.
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