Exploring Popular Gold Chain Styles

Exploring Popular Gold Chain Styles

on Feb 12, 2024

The diversity and popularity of gold chains make them timeless accessories for any occasion. Whether you’re attending a formal event or need a necklace for daily wear, a gold chain can act as a versatile statement piece. But how do you select the right necklace when there are so many gold chain styles available?

Whether you want to elevate your personal style or follow fashion trends, there’s a wide variety of chain styles to choose from.  

To help you get started, here are some of the most popular gold chain styles, ranging from classic necklaces to trendy and specialized gold chain varieties. 

Classic Gold Chain Styles

Classic gold chains have been renowned for their iconic aesthetics and elegant allure, acting as staples in any jewelry collection. Each style exudes its unique charm, making it suitable for all types of occasions. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular classic gold chain styles. 

Figaro Chain

Figaro chains feature a distinctive pattern of small and large links. In most Figaro chains, we see two or more small links with a circular shape followed by one larger link with an oval shape. 

Thanks to their simplicity and unique design, Figaro chains are especially popular among men. However, the versatility of a Figaro chain makes it an ideal gold necklace for women as well. 

In terms of thickness, there are different types of Figaro chains, ranging from 2mm to 10mm and above. So, whether you want something minimalistic or you prefer a bulky chain that stands out, a Figaro chain might be the right option for you. 

Curb Chain

Curb chains consist of uniform links that interlock with each other and lay flat on the neck. Each link has two grooves on each side, allowing another curb link to sit snuggly and give the chain a flat design. 

In fact, a curb chain is more of a general term as there are many different varieties with unique structures, shapes, link formations, and finishing. These include rounded, open, closed, concaved, square, single, double, pave, milled, diamond cut, solid, and hollow curb chains. 

Overall, curb chains are popular for their timeless and masculine appeal, making them suitable for male jewelry lovers. These bulky chains are designed to offer comfort and durability for everyday wear. 

Cuban Chain

Cuban chains are stylish and strong gold chains that incorporate round or oval-shaped gold rings to create a sleek interlocking pattern. 

Cuban chains are typically made of solid gold, meaning that this option is incredibly durable and heavier than other gold chain styles. However, there are some alternatives like semi-solid gold chains, making Cuban chains more lightweight and affordable. 

If you’re looking for a Cuban chain, here are some of IceCartel’s statement pieces to consider.

6MM Cuban Link Chain 14K Yellow Gold

This minimalistic Cuban chain consists of 6mm links and is available in 14K solid gold and S925 gold plated options. It’s a stunning example of classic design and modern elegance. This Cuban chain offers a bold yet refined look and is ideal for everyday wear. 

10MM Round Cut Moissanite Cuban Link Chain 14K Gold

This IceCartel exclusive Cuban chain features 10mm links filled with round cut D-color VVS moissanite diamonds. The chain is made of 925 sterling silver and has a thick layer of 14K white gold plating for increased durability and radiant glow. With its sophisticated appeal and luxurious presence, this Cuban chain will captivate attention at any special event. 

14MM Cuban Link Chain 14K White Gold

If you prefer plain chains with thick interlocking links, this 14mm Cuban link chain from IceCartel’s collection is for you. It’s made of 925 sterling silver and is coated with 14K white gold plating, ensuring strength and eye-catching design. Whether worn as a standalone statement piece or layered with other chains for a bold look, this Cuban chain can elevate any look. 

Rope Chain

A rope chain is one of the popular chain styles that features a twisted or braided design, resembling the texture of a real rope. This rope-like appearance is achieved by weaving two or more gold strands together in a spiral pattern to create a flexible chain. 

The distinctive twisted pattern gives rope chains an intricate texture and unique visual appeal. This boosts the flexibility of rope chains and increases suitability for both casual and formal occasions. 

Box Chain

A box chain, also referred to as a Venetian chain, is made of a series of squared links, creating a sleek and modern look. As the name suggests, the individual links of this chain style represent box-like shapes. 

With their simple yet unique design, box chains have gained popularity in minimalist and contemporary styles. Thanks to their versatility, box chains are suitable choices for both men and women. 

Trendy and Fashion-Forward Gold Chain Styles

In contemporary jewelry trends, innovation meets style to create the most captivating accessories in modern fashion. You can find sleek minimalist designs as well as bold statement pieces, some of which are discussed below. 

Cuban Link Chain

While Cuban link chains are among classic gold chain styles, their bold and eye-catching aesthetic makes them quite trendy. 

With its chunky design, a Cuban link chain is commonly associated with hip-hop and streetwear culture as many celebrities have been seen wearing Cuban link chains as symbols of wealth. 

Cuban link chains are pretty versatile, so they can be worn either as a focal point or combined with other chain layers for a more unique look. 

Snake Chain

Snake chains are characterized by a smooth and sleek appearance, resembling the texture of a snake. The chain consists of closely linked gold plates or bands that are woven together in a pattern that creates fluidity and flexibility. With no visible openings, snake chains showcase a seamless look. 

With its elegant yet unique design, a snake chain is a popular choice for modern jewelry enthusiasts. It’s suitable for both men and women and can be worn as a statement piece at formal events or during daily activities. 

Paperclip Chain

Paperclip chains feature unique elongated links with an oval shape, resembling actual paper clips. Paperclip chains are designed in a way that the necklace drapes beautifully across the neck. 

With its minimalistic and edgy appeal, a paperclip chain is an ideal option for anyone who values simplicity and elegance. Paperclip chains can also be layered with other gold chain styles to create a more distinctive appearance. 

Herringbone Chain

Herringbone chains are characterized by a flat and intricate pattern, creating a liquid-like appearance. This unique appeal gives herringbone chains a luxurious and elegant look to suit different preferences and styles in modern fashion. 

Due to their contemporary aesthetic and versatility, herringbone chains have become increasingly popular in modern jewelry. They are suitable for casual occasions and can also be worn at formal events to elevate your overall look.

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Specialized Gold Chain Styles

Specialized gold chain styles are popular among those who value uniqueness, creativity, ornate patterns, and unconventional shapes. Here are a few examples in which intricacy meets elegance to create extraordinarily captivating gold chains. 

Byzantine Chain

A Byzantine chain features an intricate woven design inspired by Byzantine culture and art. This chain style is renowned for its refined workmanship and complexity, giving the necklace a uniquely bold appeal.

Since Byzantine chains tend to be thick and bulky, they are considered to be masculine and suitable for men. These chains make captivating statement pieces for any type of special occasion. 

Lariat Chain

Lariat chains are Y-shaped necklaces with a dangling element in the center. In most lariat necklaces, the chain wraps around the neck and threads through a fixture to create that linear drop.

Lariat chains often include pendants or charms to act as central focal points. It’s typically something minimalistic that stands out and adds elegance to any look. 

As lariat chains offer versatile styling options, they are popular among people with different tastes and preferences in jewelry. These necklaces allow you to create numerous layering effects, which makes them suitable for a wide range of necklines and occasions. 

Bar and Bead Chain

Bar and bead chains, also known as ball and bar chains, are chains consisting of an alternating pattern of small spherical beads and elongated bars or rods. 

With a delicate and feminine appeal, bar and bead chains are ideal for women with all types of preferences, especially those who love to layer their necklaces. 

Bar and bead chains are versatile accessories that can elevate any outfit and style by adding a touch of elegance and contemporary appeal. 

Choosing the Right Gold Chain for Your Style

Choosing a gold chain to complement your personal style is an important decision to make. In fact, finding the right gold necklace for you is key to elevating your overall look. 

Here are some tips to select the perfect gold chain for you:

  • Your Personal Style. First things first, you should consider your personal style when shopping for a gold chain. Think of the type of clothing and accessories you wear. Do you prefer classic and elegant looks or you’re more into modern fashion?
  • Gold Chain Length. Gold chains come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 16 to 24 inches. Determine the way you want the gold chain to sit on your neck to find the right length for you. 
  • Gold Chain Thickness. While some gold chains are thinner and offer a delicate design, others consist of thicker links and make a bold statement. Consider your body type, personal preferences, and overall style to select the right gold chain based on its thickness. 
  • Occasion Appropriateness. Before you buy a gold chain, think of where you’ll be wearing it. For everyday wear, you may want to select a versatile gold chain style with a minimalistic design. For formal events, consider opting for an elegant and sophisticated gold chain that will act as a statement piece. 
  • Durability. Durability is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing a gold chain. If you want your gold necklace to withstand everyday wear and tear, go for a sturdy gold chain that won’t break. If you want a gold chain for special occasions, delicate necklaces that are less durable can also be suitable. 
  • Maintenance and Care Tips

    No matter how gorgeous your gold chain looks, a proper maintenance and care routine is essential to keep different types of gold chains in optimal condition.

    Follow these tips to maintain and clean your gold chains the right way:

  • Understand how to handle your gold chains. Gold chains should be handled with care to prevent scratches or damage. You should avoid any contact with other pieces of jewelry or surfaces that could potentially cause scuffs or dents. 
  • Know how to store your gold chains. There are a few ways to store your jewelry safely. After categorizing your gold chains, choose a dry and dark place to avoid any contact with moisture and sunlight. To prevent your gold chains from twisting or tangling, use compartmented jewelry boxes or soft pouches. 
  • Use the right products to clean your gold chains. Cleaning gold chains regularly is essential for maintaining their luster and preserving their value. You should avoid using any harsh chemicals, no matter how dirty your gold chain is. A baking soda solution or a mild dish soap should be enough to clean your gold chain thoroughly. 
  • Keep your gold chains dry. By using a soft lint-free jewelry cloth to wipe your gold chain, you’ll not only keep it dry but also ensure a shiny surface with minimal scratches. 
  • Note that these maintenance and care tips are suitable for all gold chain styles. However, some designs (e.g., snake, herringbone, and box chains) require more delicate storage and cleaning routines. So, being as gentle as possible is the optimal solution. 


    Summing up, gold chains offer a vast variety of designs that suit people with all types of styles and tastes. From classic and timeless pieces like Figaro and Cuban chains to trendy and contemporary styles like herringbone and paperclip chains, there’s an option for everyone.  

    Exploring different gold chain styles enables you to express your unique fashion preferences through gold necklaces. Whether you prefer elegant jewelry or you gravitate towards bulky pieces, the versatility of gold chains ensures that you can easily find the perfect necklace for you. 

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